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Download and Apply Latest Upgrade:

(6020020 release date 3-13-10)

  • Note1:  StarStats must already be installed.
  • Note2:  Download may take a few minutes depending on your network speed.
  • Note3:  Because of Added Features, New release requires a New Key. For a Free Key please call (941) 923-3372 or send email to: hs@hornbergersoftware.com

Download Instructions:

Installing the latest upgrade is divided into 3 General Steps.

  1. Download Upgrade: Follow Instructions.
  2. Apply Upgrade: Execute StarStatUgxxxxxxx.exe.
  3. Run StarStats Application: Verify the version number on the Main Menu.

Download Options: (Use either Option 1 or Option 2)

Option 1:

  • Click on the link at the top of the page [Download and Apply Latest Upgrade].
  • At the prompt select Open or Run.
  • Answer Yes: if you are prompted to install and run the upgrade.
  • Follow instructions.
  • Start StarStats and verify the version number listed in the Main Menu at the top right.

Option 2:

  • At the prompt select Save.
  • Select the location where to download the upgrade and note its location.
  • Double click on the  .exe  file to begin the upgrade.
  • Follow instructions.
  • Start StarStats and verify the version number listed in the Main Menu at the top right.

* StarStats™ Help Utility (coming soon)


Click on the Link below to:

Download the Help Utility with Operating Instructions, Tutorials with Pictures and Graphics.  The Help Utility is included in the full release.

  1. Save the file to your disk
  2. Create a shortcut on your desktop
  3. Double click on the shortcut



StarStats™ Copyright 2009 by Hornberger Software, LLC All Rights Reserved

Latest Upgrades

(release date - 3-13-10)

Requires a New Key
For current customers get a Free Key,
please call (941) 923-3372
or send email to:

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Support Management

A universal Support Management system that integrates all levels of an organization holds enormous potential for increasing employee productivity, enhancing customer satisfaction, and building enterprise value.

Call StarStats Sales at (941) 923-3372 or send email to:  hs@hornbergersoftware.com

For technical support contact us directly by E-mail: hs@hornbergersoftware.com or Call at (941) 923-3372 . Tech support hours vary. If there is no answer, leave a message and we will return the call as soon as we can.  You are welcome to try contacting tech support on Saturdays or Sundays.   If we are working, we will answer the phone.

Hornberger Software LLC may provide you with support services related to the SOFTWARE PRODUCT  (“Support Services”).  Terms and costs are subject to change from time to time without notice.  Use of " Support Services" is governed by the Hornberger Software LLC policies and programs as may be described in the user manual, in “online” documentation, and/or in other Hornberger Software LLC-provided materials.  Any supplemental software code provided to you as part of the "Support Services" shall be considered part of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT and subject to the terms and conditions of this "End-User License Agreement" .  With respect to "technical information"   you provide to Hornberger Software LLC as part of the "Support Services", Hornberger Software LLC may use such information for its business purposes, including for product support and development.  Hornberger Software LLC will not utilize such technical information in a form that personally identifies you.