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Main Menus

The are two Main Menus available:

    Full Menu

    Condensed Menu


Full Main Menu

Full Main Menu provides access to all options and functionality.

Menu Options behind the 4 Tabs provide full functionality.

    Tab 1:  Data Entry Forms which provide Daily Data Entry.

    Tab 2:  Data Entry Forms which accommodate Data Entry for the entire week on the same page.

    Tab 3 provides standard options and maintenance utilities.

    Tab 4 provides administrative options and other maintenance utilities.

   At the bottom right of the menu there is a sub menu that provide easy and quick access to some common functions.


Condensed Main Menu:

Condensed Main Menu is a simplified version that offers basic Options:

   Data Entry, Report Generation, and access to the HMA (Health Made Affordable Brochure) form.


    Control the behavior of the Data Entry Forms. 

    Enable the different Bonus Types.

    Enable Graphing.

    Control Database Maintenance Processes.

Sample Menus

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Full Main Menu providing full functionality

Condensed Main Menu - providing easily understood and accessibility to the basic functions

Main Menu - Tab3

  •  Add or Change Doctor and Company Information and Set Application Preferences
  •  Setup a Backup of the Database when Exiting the Application
  •  Create a HMA Brochure
  •  Documentation Access if available
  •  HMA Form
  •  License renewal.
Quick Access Menu at the bottom right

  •  "Connect to" is a Quick connect to either the User Database or the Demo Database.
  •  "Setup Features" Opens the Application preferences Menu allowing the user to enable or disable features such as:  Data Entry Features,  Bonus and Database Features, etc...
  •  "Auto Form Fit" Utility accommodates computers that operate at high screen resolution settings. This utility will automatically adjust the form size to fill the screen.
  •  "Show Clock" turns on/off the clock seen on the Menu. By clicking on the clock additional controls will appear that will change the clock font. Click on the clock again and these controls will disappear.
 Main Menu - Tab4 (administration security level)

  •  Enter Monthly Expenses
  •  Report Utilities
    • Create (Gibson) Production Reports
    • Create Other Reports and Charts
    • Create Practice Analysis and Expenses Report
  •  Bonus Utilities
    • Check and Create Bonus Reports
    • Pay Bonuses
    • View and Set New Bonus Goals
    • View Bonus Activities
    • Bonus Setup
    • Bonus Logs
  •  System Utilities
    • Conversion Utilities
    • Direct Access to Data Tables
    • Logs
  •  Security Administration
    • Deny / Grant Access to particular forms, reports and controls
    • Logs



Features (available from the Main Menu by clicking on "Setup Features")
Most options are conveniently available at the time the user is prompted. The option to enable/disable a feature is clearly marked. StarStats' behavior can be adjusted and tailored as the user becomes more familiar with the application.


  •   Auto Backup Utility:  We strongly recommend to always backup your database.  We provide a utility that will automatically backup your database in two modes:  run with notifications and conformations  or  run in silent mode.
  •  Fully customizable Scheduler for Backup/Compact Process: It is recommended to compact your database at least every 30 days depending on the usage.  This will keep your database running at optimum performance levels.  This option can be customized to your specifications.  For example you can set this to every 60 or 90 days or etc... Nevertheless, the process will be done automatically upon exiting the application when using the Exit function on the Main Menu.

  •  Employee Incentives: If your practice offers incentives to employee through bonuses, different bonus types can be enabled.
  •  Quick Links provide easy and fast access: There are also some quick links provided to open the Bonus Setup Utility and other common functions.
  •   Various Methods are available for Entering Data: Data Entry methods are available that will fit your daily office routine accommodating entering data on a daily schedule or add data for multiple days.
  •  Easy Navigation between Data Entry forms: The entire expanse of statistics are entered among five major data entry forms.  Navigation among these forms are made easy with a navigation pane or with the auto form navigation utility.
  •  Auto Form Navigation Utility: After entering a subset of stats in one form, the next form will open automatically. After all the forms were open on that particular day, the procedure begins again automatically navigating to the next day. If your practice is not open during the weekends, skip weekends option can be enabled.
  •   Convenient Weekly View:  A weekly view data entry form is available for most stats so that you can enter the same group of statistics for the entire week saving time by avoiding navigating to other forms.
  •   Two Methods of Entering Billing Data:  Billing statistics can be enter either on a daily basis or once per week. In both modes the weekly total is used in the reports.  


Database Auto Backup

  •  Auto Backup Utility:  It is essential that your data gets backup daily.  This sometimes is an arduous task.  StarStats can automatically backup your database when exiting.  It can keep as many backups as you wish but the default is set at 6.

 Microsoft recommends occasionally compact your database to keep it running at optimum efficiency.  In addition StarStats gives you the option to compact your database providing easy database maintenance.



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