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Health Care Made Affordable (HMA) Brochure

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HMA (Health Care Made Affordable) Brochure




Create a HMA (Health Care Made Affordable) Brochure for your patients
Because of size limitations only part of the brochure is shown below.



The brochure offers 3 different payment plans to the patient. You enter the numbers and StarStats does the calculations.


Brochure Setup

It is easy to setup the HMA brochure by following the instructions in green, steps 1 through 7.
Default content is provided.  All you have to do is to modify the content to fit your practice.  Also the doctor's picture can be imported and stored under the StarStats default directory.  After modifying the brochure you can preview and make changes at any time.  You also have the option to set the modified content as default to be used again; so the edits are done only once.  The HMA brochure was designed to be  flexible therefore each associate doctor can have their own modified text. Selecting a doctor will import the appropriate content created for that particular doctor into the brochure.

Just move through all the pages and follow instructions.  The size of the text box is directly related to the space available on the actual brochure for that particular statement. This was design to aid you to determine how brief your statements should be.  Some of the pages are display below.

Below shows the beginning statements of the brochure. Follow the instructions highlighted in gold.

Some more statements are shown below including a photo of the doctor or practitioner. Most popular photo formats can be imported (bmp, jpg, gif, are some of them).

Create a Brochure

Creating a brochure for a particular patient, just follow the steps shown (steps 1 through 8).
 Click on the command button "Create Brochure".  Now follow the steps starting with  enter the name of the patient.  Selecting a doctor will import the appropriate content into the brochure, which was define in setup. All that is left is to enter the numbers of treatments shown in the next image.

Since your price has already been modified and saved in the setup procedure;  all that is needed is to enter the number of Treatments. Four custom treatments can be defined.
The totals are automatically calculated when the number of treatments are entered. To define custom treatments like ultra sound, or muscle stem, etc... click on the box to the left and the appropriate fields will appear. Just enter the particulars for each custom treatment and the totals are generated on the right.

Finish up on page 2, save and print and you are done.
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